The Company

Altitude Group of Cooperation (AGC Sports & Equipment Sdn Bhd) was established by a team of dedicated and experienced rock climbers. AGC is currently a rising marketer, distributor and service provider for the design and building of climbing walls, climbing gears and work-at-height equipment's in Malaysia. 


Apart from equipmen's, AGC is also the builder and operator for MadMonkeyz Climbing Gym, which has, as of today, become extremely popular as a meeting location for the local climbing community.
AGC Sports aims to become the main driver of Innovative Sports facility design and building in the region.


In the medium to long term, we are on a mission to push the boundaries in terms of introducing new Emerging Sports into the region. This would consist of cutting edge and "new thinking" concepts that are the results of innovative thinking from our alternative sports base.

Climbing is a fast growing and creative industry

At AGC Sports & Equipment, we constantly look at the bigger picture of the entire industry and how it affects the climbing and pre-climbing community. Taking into consideration the needs of the customers and the industry itself, we strive to innovate ways in promoting sport events.

Sports Facility Design & Construction

AGC Sports aims to become the leading builder of innovative sports facilities. We started off as basic Artificial Climbing Structure builders and to day, we are innovating beyond that. AGC Sports pushes the envelope in terms of design and building of sports structures.

Technical Work-at-height Equipment

From descenders to ropes, pulleys to hangers and helmets to industrial harnesses, AGC Sports carries a large range of equipment of the highest standards and quality. We carry European Standard products that will ensure that no safety is compromised for the adventurer and the industrial workplace.

Climbing Gym Setup & Operations

Our vast background in Sport Climbing has allowed us to conceptualise, build and design the first ever Boutique Climbing Gym in Malaysia. This unique venue offers the right facilities for the climbing enthusiast both new and professional a place to practice and exercise. A cosy place where friends gather to engage in something wholesome and healthy.

Retail Pro-shop

Designed to cater to your alternative sports and outdoor equipment needs. From shoes, to harnesses, bags to outdoor wear. We distribute the products that you need to maximize your outdoor and sports experiences.

Training & Corporate Activities

Need to add variety to your usual Corporate Training activities. How about integrating the challenging and problem-solving elements that climbing presents into your program. AGC Sports offers to take your corporate training to another level, literally. We also offer various training programs for mountaineering, sport climbing outdoors, industrial work-at-height and rescue-at-height.

Wall Rental & Spectator Sport Events

We are not all about climbing up high walls with lots of equipment and muscles. We also look at how sport events management can complement product launches, parties and sports entertainment events. Our rental mobile climbing wall adds to the fun factor of your events. Besides that, we customize and manage your event according to your branding or event aims and needs.